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The women who inspire us

The brilliant women who surround us each and every day are the ones influencing our passion for creating our ACE bags. 

When creating the ACE bag we wanted to create a sustainable, chic and practical bag that women can use. Here is our inspiration...

She is sensitive to the people who surround her like her family and friends but also concerned by her environment on a small and large scale. Making sustainable and eco-friendly choices is important for her, it is a way of living and a way of thinking. 

She is confident and proud to be a woman, she wears what makes her feel good. The ACE bag embodies elegance and style, the diversity of colors in our bags makes it easy for any woman to identify with the bag. The darker colors like black, burgundy and leopard give a edgy feel, the light pink, mauve, taupe and gray give a more girly vibe, their are colors for everyone!

She is active and aways on the move, always wanting to discover and learn new things, ready to push her boundaries. When designing our bags, we wanted to create a bag fit for any situation, it could be picking up your children from school, going on a night out with your friends, taking a yoga class or going to work. The ACE bag is here to accompany you in your everyday life :) 

Thank you for inspiring and supporting us on our journey, and being the strong and beautiful person that you are ❤


The women on the pictures starting from the top left : Anna, Renata, Tania, Alexa, Maya, Veronica, Elke, Rosa and Sandra.