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🎃 How to spend a more sustainable Halloween this year 🎃

Halloween is a long awaited holiday for many, it used to be a time where cultures in the world would honor the dead and their saints. Nowadays it’s more of an occasion to dress up in scary costumes, carve some pumpkins and eat a great quantity of sweets. But what comes with celebrations comes consumption, so here are a couple of tips to spend a more sustainable spooky evening this weekend. 



Reuse your decorations from the previous years, if stored correctly and taken care of they should be in good condition and can be used multiple times. 

Another great option is to check your local charity and vintage shops for authentic and unique ornaments, they have a huge selection in order to create your spooky set up. 


It could also be a good occasion to make some handmade halloween crafts with your friends and family and spend some quality time. Check your garden or the parks near you to find leaves, branches and other of nature's treasures to make your very own halloween decor. 




Don't we all love dressing up from time to time? Halloween is a great occasion to have fun and be someone else for the evening. But when dressing up we should be conscious of what we are wearing. Hubbub and the Fairyland Trust found that more than 2,000 metric tons of plastic waste are generated from Halloween clothing and costumes alone. That’s because 83%  of the materials in halloween outfits are made from non-biodegradable, oil-based plastic. The accumulation in both landfills and oceans are equivalent to the weight of 83 million plastic bottles.


Using more sustainable materials (check out our latest article for more information) or old scraps to create handmade clothing and accessories is a good alternative to have a 0 waste halloween clothes, it's your time to get creative and let your imagination flow. 

Take a look at your local vintage and charity shops to find second hand costumes, it could also inspire you to find an outfit idea. It's important to support your local businesses, especially when it comes to second hand shopping. 


Making fun and spooky food is an excellent way to celebrate halloween, it's the time of the year where you can eat an unlimited amount of sugary treats. Although we all know these sweet treats come most of the time wrapped in plastic and other polluting packages. Maybe it is time to look at more eco-friendly options this year. Choose candy in recyclable packages, make fruit enticing, buy your ingredients Fair trade and from local shops.  

Listed below are some recipes and ideas to create eco-friendly halloween treats : 

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We hope some of these tips have inspired you to spend a more sustainable and crafty Halloween, let us know if you try any of these out!