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The Future is Circular

Today the Textile Industry has become the No.2 largest polluter in the world after gas & oil. Every 5 minutes factories around the world produce more than 1 million garments. Each garment has an extremely short lifecycle and is in general only worn 7 times before it’s thrown away. Most of it goes into trash and as little as 10% gets recycled, unfortunately, mostly downcycled, which means it’s recycled into a lower quality product. So, in order to produce new fashion textile products, we need to use more new resources. And on it goes.

Imagine instead an UPCYCLING process where we look upon old textiles as an asset. Where the textile resources are being regenerated again and again without loss of quality. This is what Circular Fashion is all about.

A very small part of the textile trash - only 1%! - gets regenerated according to the circular fashion model. The process is still very demanding and there are in particular 3 main challenges to become circular.

  1. The items must be designed for recyclability.
  2. Consumers need to return ”end of life” items to the correct channels.
  3. The items must be identified and sorted out correctly for closed loop recycling.

This is how ACE is applying the Circular Fashion process:

  • We are using the innovative Italian ECONYL® regenerated nylon as main material for all our bags. This is a perfectly circular material because it can be recycled infinitely without losing its quality. 
  • We have developed a “Give Back Program” so you can easily return the bag to us when it has come to its “end of life”. We separate the different fabrics, the zippers, the handles and the smaller metal details and return it to each adequate channel.
  • Our factories have the knowledge and resources to identify and sort out each component before it's sent back into the recycling process. 

This is a journey for us and we are working very hard to become more circular at every level in the company.  So joins us - being sustainable is a good feeling!