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Why the ACE Tote bag is perfect for everyday use

ACE is here to accompany you throughout every activity of the day, from going to the gym, going to work, fetching the children from school or going on a night out with friends!

· Premium quality zipper for bag top enclosure: 

Always better to be extra safe when carrying personal belongings, that’s why with the premium zipper no unwanted hands will be going through your bag! 

· Inner zipper pocket:

For valuables like jewelry, mobile phone, passport and other important things you are able to store them in a zipped pocket inside the bag, making it more secure but also easier for you to have access.

· Extra drawstring pouch: 

This little pouch comes with every ACE purchase, you can store anything you want inside it :)    

· 3 extra open mesh pockets: 

These stretchy open mesh pockets are perfect for storing away makeup, a mirror, cable chargers… maybe your dog's toys? 

· Adjustable shoulder straps:

Quite self explanatory, but makes it perfect to adjust to what's more comfortable for you


· 2 inner pockets for bottles:

These inner pockets can fit any type of bottle, even a thermos. Making it possible for you to bring bottles anywhere you go, that's especially practical when traveling 


· Padded handles:

It's the details that count, not only is the ACE bag fashionable and practical, it is also super comfy making it possible to bring anywhere.

· Padded laptop and tech compartment: 

Having different compartments inside a bag makes it easier to store stuff away but to also find it. That is why we wanted to introduce a compartment especially for electronic things, especially nowadays how is it possible to move without a computer, ipad or mobile phone!

Let us know if you have any suggestions on how to make the ACE bag even more practical!