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Easy tips to be more sustainable!

3 steps to be more sustainable in your lifestyle: the practical guide 

We know this is a topic that probably you are used to hearing a lot about, and maybe you think to yourself, I’m already doing what I can to help the environment and contribute to my carbon footprint in this world, or, sometimes you need this inspiration to start your sustainable and a greener journey. 

We don’t want to miss the chance to give you a practical guide of 3 tips to have a more sustainable lifestyle, and showing you that it can be easy and cool. 

Tip 1: Being a conscientious consumer

Understand the various options available for you in the market and empower your choices to support businesses that respond to a moral and ethical standard. 

The goal should be seeking for a circular economy, where the concept of waste is completely reconsidered, because it practically doesn’t exist. This is where we tell you about our eco functional bags, made through the concept of circular fashion,  having a sustainable production and made from recycled ocean waste materials (how cool is that!). Also to let you know that sustainability can be beautiful and fashionable. 

Tip 2: Washing clothes and your handbags

Did you know that about half a million tonnes of plastic microfibers are released into the ocean annually from using synthetic laundry detergents? *

(*Textiles in Europe’s circular economy, EEA - 2019)

That’s why you should start using natural or plant based laundry soap and only wash your clothes when they really need it. Washing less can make a huge difference. 

Tip 3: Personal care products (we are in love with the solid soap!)

Have you heard about the solid soap, shampoo or conditioner? This is an amazing innovation and migration for the liquid presentation that uses nearly 20 times more energy for packaging and 30% more water than bar soaps in their production. 

Solid soap involves minimal packaging, and when you’re done with the bar, there is nothing to dispose of. Look for the best brands in your city and enjoy this greener option that can also be kinder to your skin and hair. 

Solid Shampoo Eco tip from the ACE bag

We’ll keep you posted on new ways of making conscious decisions!!!