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Look of the week

1. LULULEMON - Canada

Lululemon is a Canadian brand that designs sportswear and athletic equipment like yoga mats and self care products. Known for its very good quality products but also creating long lasting products, they are a sustainable brand : “ By 2025, we will achieve at least 75 percent sustainable materials for our products—including fibers that recycled, renewable, regenerative, sourced responsibly, or some combination thereof, and/or are manufactured using low-resource processes.” I would definitely recommend checking their online website or one of their 547 stores located around the world. Let's do sports in fashion but more importantly sustainably.

Discover their sportswear:


2. ORIGIN -  United States

It takes 700 years for a single use PET plastic bottle to start breaking down, and when it does it releases micro plastics into the environment, this is why we find it important to switch to sustainable long lasting reusable bottles. Origin creates innovative eco-friendly glass water bottles, made from medical grade glass that doesn’t expand or contract in extreme temperatures. The bottles are free of BPA, BPS, lead, cadmium, and PVC. They donate 2% of their revenue to help those who live in extreme poverty get clean water.

Discover their sustainable water bottles:


3. Allbirds -  New Zealand

Allbirds are about reducing their environmental impact and it has been their top priority since day one. The Adizero x Allbirds Highlights trainers have the lowest carbon footprint of all running shoes. With Allbirds Flight Plan, they plan to cut their footprint in half by 2025. Then reduce to zero by 2030, they will continue to be 100% neutral.

Discover their collection: