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How can fashion rethink the end-of-life products?

“ Globally, the fashion industry is responsible for around 40 million tonnes of textile waste a year, most of which is either sent to landfill or incinerated. ”

Nina Marenzi


As we know fashion is taking a serious turn in becoming more sustainable and planet friendly… for example using recyclable materials but also finding innovative materials: Organic Hemp, Pinatex, Qmonos, researches are being made everyday!

But apart from the production side of the clothing there's also the after part of the product which is even more important. Where will it end up? Will it be recycled? Or end up in the ocean? 

Here we have a couple of ways fashion brands are rethinking the end life of clothes and accessories:

  1. Circular fashion 

Well circular fashion is an industry that removes pollution and waste from production, meaning that the making of the clothing or accessory is in a closed loop, the production of the item and the end of its life are equally as important.

Check out this previous article to find out more on this particular subject:  What is circular fashion? 

  1. Upcycling 

Multiple fashion brands are now allowing customers to bring back their old purchases to be revamped or fixed for free. This system encourages society to not throw away old or worn out clothes and accessories, but to instead give them a completely new look or value. 

  1. Timeless designs 

Another mindful way fashion brands are trying to close the loop is to design timeless classic  designs that don't specifically follow a fashion trend but more a way of life. The idea is to create accessories or clothing with quality textiles and effortless designs so they can be worn throughout a lifetime and then passed on to the next generation.