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Giving a second life to old boat sails...

ACE is known for making chic and practical bags using old fishing nets and pieces of plastic pollution found in the seas that are then transformed into ECONYL® so they can be weaved into beautiful fabrics… but in this article we have another original way of creating bags by recycling used sails from boats. It all started in a french town called Dieppe, here is the story…

Rather than throwing away used sails from boats, Dieppe's Martine Bouquay reuses them to make strong waterproof bags. She runs a workshop at the Dieppe Sailing Club and donates the money collected to the SNSM.

Nothing is lost, everything is transformed. Since 2019, Martine Bouquay from Dieppe has been recycling the damaged canvas from the boats of the Dieppe Sailing Club (CVD) into solid waterproof bags. More than recycling, it is even "upcycling", as the sail is transformed to give it back its value. 

"We didn't have anything to repair the sails, I had some sewing skills so we thought we could make products with the old sails," says Martine Bouquay, who now runs one workshop a month at the CVD.

During these workshops, all participants are welcome, including beginners, as long as they know how to sew straight and have their own sewing machine. This is a great way to bring people together and learn a new craft while having a positive impact on the planet.