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Eco trends we will be seeing more in 2023

First we would like to wish our ACE readers a very happy new year filled with love and health! 

Now let's continue with the article…the climate crisis is unfortunately something that won't disappear with time, so we need to take action and make the right choices for 2023! Luckily a lot of brands and companies are making eco conscious choices, here are a couple of trends you will be seeing more during this year!

- Using recycled or organic materials: 

Fast fashion is a large sector of the fashion industry whose business model relies on cheap, rapid, and large-scale production of low-quality clothing. Did you know that fast fashion companies generate more pollution than international aviation and shipping combined? And that these clothes are made with 60% plastic based materials?... not so great for our ecosystems and wildlife. Luckily more and more companies are switching to organic or upcycled fabrics meaning less pollution waste and better quality clothes.

- Turning to sustainable or luxury brands instead of fast fashion brands:

Luxury clothing companies have the power to address social, economic, and environmental issues. And many fashion companies are stepping up and embracing sustainability. According to a 2015 report, 66% of global consumers said they’d pay more for sustainable products.

One way luxury brands are making a change is by using different materials than before. Prada, Stella McCartney, Gucci and many more replaced their old materials with new modern fabrics like ECONYL®, Piñatex, Mylo™


- Rise of athleisure clothing

What we have been seeing a lot recently and what we will be seeing more in 2023 is multipurpose clothing, clothing and accessories that can be worn for various occasions like going to the gym or running errands. The demand for athleisure products is rising as a result of the popularity of fitness activities like yoga, weight training and running. That's one thing we love about our ACE bags is they are suitable for any type of activity during the day or evening, perfect for the urban women. 

 Let us know if you see any of these trends on the market this year! :)